Working with Ellen over this past year has truly changed my life for the better. From a very young age I have struggled with strong hormonal imbalances and chronic symptoms that were only getting worse over the years. In that time, I had already been in and out of what feels like too many doctor’s offices trying to find answers to my condition, only to find myself not being heard or understood, by either being dismissed or given quick alternatives that only made my health deteriorate even more. Ellen has been the only practitioner that has shown interest in my health as a whole, asking about every detail of my history and finally connecting all the dots. She has been incredibly compassionate, attentive and insightful, giving me a big range of resources that go from Chinese medicine to western science-based alternatives and sharing all types of information with me, while at the same time encouraging me to trust my body and my intuitions. On top of that she has always taken into account my financial limitations, trying to find the best alternatives and has been incredibly generous with her time and work. 

Even though we are still working on my health, I have already seen progress in ways that I never thought would be possible and I’m feeling better than ever before. I am deeply grateful for Ellen and couldn’t recommend her enough to anyone who is looking to improve their health and wellbeing in a deep and long-term way.


I went to see Ellen to see how I could improve my health and wellbeing by simply addressing what I was eating. Ellen was non-judgmental, genuinely interested in me and empathetic throughout our consultation. The advice she gave was realistic and insightful. I believe Ellen’s advice has helped alleviate the anxiety with which I have suffered. Ellen is professional, and open, she makes you feel at ease, and gives you feedback and thoughts, which are easy to understand. I would recommend Ellen’s services with no hesitation.

I approached Ellen for help with a long term frustrating illness after coming to a dead end in the search for answers with conventional and some alternative practitioners. I instantly found Ellen to be easy to talk to, genuinely caring, very knowledgeable and willing to work with me at my own rhythm. She listens and tries to work out what works for my own circumstances, always offering suggestions and different options for action to suit my personal preference and situation. She seeks to find the underlying causes of the problem and is very thorough on her investigations, offering patients a wide range of tests and possible interventions to find what may lie beneath your particular condition. Through my sessions with Ellen, I have become far more aware of how my body responds to certain foods and environments and through various test I have learnt about issues that needing addressing, and with Ellen’s guidance I have used diet, supplements and some easy techniques to address these. With Ellen’s help I have regained a sense of self belief and hope which I had lost on my journey to recovery. I would have no hesitation to recommend Ellen to anyone looking to find answers to health issues. She’s truly passionate about using her skills and knowledge to help people regain health and well-being and she’ll leave no stone unturned to help you on your journey to better health.

Like many people I too know which foods are healthy and which are not so good. I also have tried many diet regimes during my lifetime and have failed at them all. It wasn’t until I met with Ellen and started seeing food as more than a form of sustenance, that I have been able to make progress. Ellen enabled me to see the importance of gut health specifically in relation to my chronic condition. She could explain to me exactly what was going on with my body and how my diet needed to change to give me the optimum chance of feeling well again.

I was amazed to find that the food that I ate, (or wasn’t eating!) could have a big effect on cell growth and that simple changes could encourage the cells that were produced to be as healthy as possible, which would in turn, impact upon my health. This was the push that I needed. Understanding this connection of good quality, healthy food to my overall health really inspired me to make the changes the Ellen recommended.

With her wealth of experience and unstinting support, I felt confident that this time I would succeed and guess what…….I’m well on the way to a better healthier me and I LOVE IT! 12lbs shed within a month and a 42% reduction in my medication. So if you, like me, have despaired of ever being able to make a positive change around your eating habits and your health, I strongly advise you to go and see Ellen and together you can work miracles.


Within a week my world turned around. I had gone from feeling dreadful to somebody who could actually see a light at the end of the tunnel. My energy levels increased, the dreadful tiredness started to go away and I actually started sleeping. I have been on the up ever since and I am now back to being the life loving, people loving person I once was. I cannot give Ellen and her treatments enough praise and thanks to it I have my life back.

Since I was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago Ellen has helped me to change my diet and has also shown me naturopathic practices and recommended supplements for optimum healing.

All her advice has been backed up by her extensive knowledge, research, and skills. She’s been and continues to be very supportive and understanding especially when things were tough, and I am now in better health than I was even before the diagnosis.

She is a dedicated and caring practitioner who I am very happy to recommend.


I sought Ellen’s help because I had been feeling at a low ebb for a few months: lacking in energy, over emotional and generally not myself. I suspected food might have something to do with it, having recently experimented with several diets, so I wanted some guidance about what to eat. Having first ascertained what was going on for me on an emotional as well as a physical level, Ellen recommended a personalised set of dietary guidelines. Nothing too radical, but a set of clear, sensible recommendations. Finally, some fad-free advice that struck a chord. Almost immediately, after feasting on salmon, chicken and green veg slathered in butter (joy of joys), I began to feel my body rebuilding itself. I felt restored, both physically and emotionally, with a new respect for the power of food. Ellen’s advice has changed not only the way I eat but the way I think about food: from something to be feared or demonised, to something to be enjoyed and savoured. These positive steps towards nutritional fulfilment has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life. Thank you, Ellen

I initially came to Ellen with a number of ongoing symptoms that my GP had been unable to resolve. Within a matter of weeks, I saw an improvement not only in the original symptoms but also in other unexpected ways such as clarity of thinking, improved skin and hair, an increase in energy, a renewed enthusiasm to food and cooking, along with establishing a healthy weight.

Not only have I benefitted on the physical level but working with Ellen has been a journey of discovery. The combination of consultations, blood analysis, hormone and DNA tests have revealed an understanding of my physiology and made sense of a lifetime of symptoms and surprisingly even some of my lifestyle choices. It’s been quite a revelation!

Ellen’s understanding of the physical data along with her knowledge of nutrition forms the ground upon which long term symptoms can be transformed and you can see the results not only first-hand but also on the page if you chose to have follow up tests. I would not hesitate to recommend Ellen to anybody looking to understand and make changes to any health issues they might have.


Ellen was recommended to me by a work colleague during a particular difficult time in my life. My health was not good and I had a large period of time off work. Ellen made me feel at ease talking through my life story and more importantly my relationship with food. I was definitely ready to make a change to my eating lifestyle. By following her diet recommendations (I don’t like calling it a diet as I don’t feel it is!), I am healthier, happier, fitter and have lost a stone in the process without feeling like I am depriving myself in fact I am giving my body more of what it needs. With Ellen’s help, I feel that I have found the best eating pattern for me and my body. I feel freed!

My mother died of Alzheimer’s when she was relatively young, so I read Dr Bredesen’s book. I found it both reassuring as well as overwhelming.

Where do I start?

Luckily, I found Ellen who took time to understand my history in an empathic way. She then talked me through what tests I needed & when the results came back, she quickly appreciated why I got certain symptoms in a way that no other medical professional ever has.

The Bredesen Protocol goes deeper & pinpoints your personal areas of weakness. Each one of us is unique & needs to increase our resilience against cognitive decline in different ways.

Ellen makes this process as simple & straightforward as possible and I’m very grateful to her for this.