functional health in practice

A functional health approach to treatment of disease is for me a natural extension of my initial training as a naturopath.

Only by considering the whole person can the root causes of health issues be identified and treated. In practice this means understanding the unique physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, genetic, environment and social facts that have contributed to where a person is now and working to support the healing power of nature by removing obstacles to the body’s own self-healing processes. This can include changes in diet and lifestyle, detoxification treatments (many of which are simple and very cheap) and supplemental support where deficiencies exist, or metabolic processes are affected.

Any condition can be the result of more than one case, usually many factors are at play. For example, chronic fatigue can be caused by many different factors including inflammation. In the same way a cause, such as inflammation, can be involved in many different conditions including chronic fatigue.

The individual experience of ‘dis-ease’ is influenced by a person’s genes, life experiences and environment – past and present. Only by addressing the true causes will lasting change come about that is beyond symptom suppression.

One Condition, Many Causes

One Cause, Many Conditions


Many causes show up in our tissues and blood long before we might consider ourselves to have a ‘condition’. By taking this approach to health strategies and changes can be adopted to avoid disease.  risk factors for future health issues so that appropriate changes and strategies can be adopted to avoid disease.


An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

Benjamin Franklin

  • The consultation will review your current symptoms – top to toe! – environment, health history, lifestyle, and genetic inheritance to understand the full picture.
  • Functional health testing, for example to test for heavy metals, nutrient or hormonal imbalances or metabolic issues, is often extremely useful in pin-pointing more precisely the root causes of imbalances.
  • Treatments consist of a range of strategies to improve health, these can include diet and lifestyle changes, supplemental support, detoxification techniques that can be done at home and, in more complex cases, support with finding other therapies / treatments that may be needed.

Please note that I cannot diagnose. Any recommendations are not intended to replace medical advice. In the first instance, with any health condition, please consult your GP.