clinics and costs

Appointments are available in Devon, United Kingdom and Tavira, Portugal.

I also offer consultations via Zoom.



Naturopathic Nutrition

£85 / €85 – Initial Consultation (90 minutes)

£40 / €40 – Follow up appointments (45 minutes)

Bredesen Protocol™

£160 / €160 – Initial consultation (2 hours)

£60 / €60 per hour – follow up appointments

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Please contact me if you are interested in booking a group session around a specific theme. 

Popular themes include: Skin Health, Hormonal Health, Supporting a Healthy Skeleton, Optimising Energy and Eating for the Older Brain but I am very happy to devise a talk or event for your particular interest.


Since I was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago Ellen has helped me to change my diet and has also shown me naturopathic practices and recommended supplements for optimum healing.  I am now in better health than I was even before the diagnosis.