clinics and costs

Appointments are available in Devon, United Kingdom and Tavira, Portugal.

I also offer consultations via Zoom.



Naturopathic Nutrition

£110 / €110 – Initial Consultation (90 minutes)

£55 / €55 – Follow up appointments (1 hour)

Included in the initial consultation and follow ups are full written recommendations. If additional time is needed outside of consultations to work on your case this is charged at £45 / €45 per hour.

Bredesen Protocol™

£195 / €195 – Initial consultation (2 hours)

£80 / €80 per hour – follow up appointments (1 hour)

Click HERE for more information on commitments and costs.

Please contact me if you are interested in booking a group session around a specific theme. 

Popular themes include: Skin Health, Hormonal Health, Supporting a Healthy Skeleton, Optimising Energy and Eating for the Older Brain but I am very happy to devise a talk or event for your particular interest.


Since I was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago Ellen has helped me to change my diet and has also shown me naturopathic practices and recommended supplements for optimum healing.  I am now in better health than I was even before the diagnosis.