Ellen McCallum

Hello, I am Ellen McCallum, a functional health practitioner specialising in helping clients get to the roots of their health issues. Using a wide range of in-depth consultations and functional test analysis to understand the ‘whole’ person, I help my clients to make better nutritional, lifestyle, and supplement choices in order to live in greater health.



Trained in the UK as a naturopath and nutritional therapist and with the Institute for Functional Medicine in the Bredesen protocol for treatment and prevention of cognitive decline, I bring a wealth of experience in supporting people with chronic health conditions to find better energy and well-being.


Working with Ellen over this past year has truly changed my life for the better. From a very young age I have struggled with strong hormonal imbalances and chronic symptoms that were only getting worse over the years. I have already seen progress in ways that I never thought would be possible and I’m feeling better than ever before.